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Eye Color: violet with flecks of silver that grow when she runs magic
Hair: waist length curly black hair
Skin Color: pale, almost alabaster
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 140 lbs.
Body Type: curvy, buxom, fit but not lean
Age: app. 62 ES years (equivalent to 22 years old)
Ethnic Background: Human (Spanish--Mother), Fae--Sidhe (Father)
Birthday: January 10th, 1944 (ES Time) (Capricorn) Wolf-Moon, Day 10, 1944 (born on a full moon)
Abilities: Camille is a witch, trained under the Moon Mother. Her power comes from the moon, stars, and the weather, especially lightning.
Nicknames: Witchling (Smoky), Camey (Maggie)
Home: Y’Elestrial, Otherworld.

Husbands: Camille has three husbands by the end of Bone Magic:
Smoky, Trillian Leshon Zanzera, and Morio Kuroyama. She met Trillian years earlier (in Etched in Silver), and meets both Smoky and Trillian in Witchling.

Camille Sepharial te Maria, or Camille Sepharial D'Artigo as she's known Earthside, is the oldest of the sisters, and she's a witch by birth. Her rune spread that was cast when she was born foretold she should enter the service of the Moon Mother, the goddess of the Hunt. From the beginning, she had magical powers, but it took a lot of focus for her to be able to control them and she still has problems with some of the spells. At times, her powers will fritz out or backfire, or even increase to the point of overwhelming her.
Camille is pledged to the Moon Mother and her magic comes from the moon, the weather, the stars. Every full moon, she's called to join the hunt of the Moon Mother, who spans both Earthside and Otherworld.

She's practical and yet totally on the fringe. She's blatantly sexual and yet loyal to a fault when it comes to friends and family. Far from squeamish, she's a realist and takes things as they are, rather than as they should be or in fear of what they might be.

Camille took over the role and tasks when their mother, Maria, died, keeping the family going and acting as surrogate mother to her two little sisters. She repressed her own grief in order to help them handle theirs, and she still feels responsible for both of them. She's definitely the emotional anchor for the family, including their father, whom Camille takes after. She’s also the one who kept her wits about her when Menolly returned as a vampire.

Camille is extremely sexual, as is the way of her Fae heritage and can't imagine limiting herself to one lover. She is not, however, promiscuous--she accepts lovers only if they call to her blood. She has no problem with her lovers having other lovers, as long as she's not pushed to the side. Some years before, in Otherworld, she met Trillian, a Svartan, and their attraction was so intense and his charm on her so powerful that she agreed to go through with a bonding ritual--a sexual ritual that forged a bond between them forever within this lifetime. She later tried to get away from Trillian, worrying that he would cast her aside and that she couldn't handle losing him, but he re-entered her life a few years later when she came Earthside and she gave up, realizing that he was as bound to her as she was to him. She also has another lover named Morio, who is a youkai-kitsune--a fox demon, roughly translated, who has joined the girls on their quest against the demons, and it looks like she's taking a third--Smoky the dragon--in Dragon Wytch.

Camille ostensibly runs the Indigo Crescent, a bookstore, as her cover for the Otherworld Intelligence Agency.

Etched in Silver
Dragon Wytch
Bone Magic
Courting Darkness
Haunted Moon
Priestess Dreaming

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