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The Big Backyard Garden Project
Posted on Saturday, April 5, 2014 at 8 am by

Okay, I promised pictures of the next stage of the garden tower project we’re working on in our backyard. The whole plan has…escalated. I went from wanting two garden towers to deciding why the hell can’t we grow our own berries since there are dwarf berry plants and gee, maybe I should put in some herbs too, and no, a few tomato plants on top of the garden towers aren’t going to be enough given my love for them (they are my favorite food in the world, mostly).

So now, we have two garden towers—one is prepared and planted with cool weather vegetables, the other waiting for a little warmer weather for the other plants. We have two mini towers—one of strawberries, one is half full of herbs so far. I have a container of dill, one of rosemary, and one of spearmint (we already have peppermint). We have two big planters of large tomatoes, and six hanging baskets of cherry tomatoes–three different types, two baskets of each. And now we have six dwarf blueberry bushes and six dwarf raspberry bushes.

So, next step? Keep things moving, get the blueberries and raspberries in their containers, get the second garden tower filled and planted. Finish filling the herb tower. Make sure everything keeps growing.  Eventually I’d like to take out the crabapple in the side yard and put in a couple dwarf apple trees.

The garden towers are fairly easy to put together but make certain to position them where you want them before you fill them with the dirt because they’ll be heavy as hell after. We put them on concrete risers so that the legs aren’t in the dirt. They have a central tube in the center, where you put kitchen scraps. In a couple weeks after we’ve gotten enough in there and they’ve started to decay, we’ll be adding a handful of worms. We’re using a mixture of 2/3 potting soil to 1/3 fruit/veggie compost.

So there it is at this point. In a few weeks, when we’ve got the second tower planted, I’ll post another recap of how things are going. Or maybe sooner. 🙂


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3 Responses so far.

  1. Ilona Frost says:

    I love them, especially the round container in your last picture. Looks great and holds a lOT of plants. We just planted some squash but you are encouraging me to be more ambitious!

  2. Vanessa says:

    It will be wonderful!
    Did you know that some lettuces and celery can regrow from scraps?
    Take the stub base of your celery and place it, cut side up, in a container of water in direct sunlight. Change the water daily. It will grow a new stalk, after a few days. Transfer it to a more permanent home in fertile soil, planting it with the cut side up. A few weeks, and voila, fresh celery to eat and a new stalk base to plant!!
    Or, do the same with your Romaine lettuce!

  3. aurian says:

    I love it, great ideas. I hope you will have a plentiful harvest Yasmine.

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