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Recap of “A Month of Me”
Posted on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 at 8 am by

A month ago, I wrote a blog post about “A month of me…” I challenged you to do something good/fun for yourself every day, even if it was just 10-15 minutes. Well, for the most part, I made it. I didn’t always get it logged down, but I did my best to fit something in for me every day. Sometimes it was hard, sometimes I admit, I may have fudged it, but you know? I seriously gave it a try.

What did I learn during that time? Well…I learned that I’m not so good at recording stuff that isn’t for somebody else. I also learned that some days I have to struggle to figure out what’s something that will pamper me vs. something I have to do anyway.

How about you? What luck did you have? And will you keep this up? I’m certainly going to try!


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  1. Ilona Frost says:

    I didn’t realize we should record what we did. I’m pretty bad at thinking of new ways to pamper myself, but love reading and make sure it is a definite part of my day.

  2. Becca Diane says:

    I didn’t know of this challenge until now. I love the idea! Keeping up a happy pattern is great! I will certainly do this myself and try to post the majority of it throughout the month. Thank you for such a uplifting task/idea!!!

  3. I had the same problem. I was really bad at recording it, and I did try, but sometimes I was too overwhelmed on stuff I needed to do, so I skipped it. *sigh* I’m bad at doing things for myself I guess.

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