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Posted on Tuesday, April 15, 2014 at 12 pm by

NightsEnd NightsEnd521

FINALLY–the ARCS for NIGHT’S END are here. And you have a chance to win one and be able to read the end of the Indigo Court Series early! The longest night is about to break into the final battle between the Courts of Fae, and the Indigo Court, and Cicely Waters must lead the helm of Winter against the upstart Vampiric Fae Queen.

What’s up for grabs:
13 ARCs of NIGHT’S END (one per winner)
13 copies of NIGHT MYST–the first book in the series–for those who have not yet read this series.

TO ENTER (and I cannot reiterate too much: FOLLOW DIRECTIONS or you will NOT be eligible, and NO, we do NOT go in and make changes on your entry. Be sure you enter correctly and be SURE you fill out your email address correctly):

  1. Tell me if you’ve read any of this series so far.
  2. You are given the choice: Join the Court of Rivers and Rushes (the Summer Fae Court), or the Court of Snow and Ice (the Winter Fae Court). Which do you choose and why?
  3. You must be 18 or over to enter this contest. Are you 18 or over?

CONTEST RUNS through midnight Pacific Time on April 28th. Winners will be notified via email by May 2nd (barring any weird accidents etc). You MUST respond within one week to claim your book/ARC.



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74 Responses so far.

  1. mandy honea says:

    I have read this series and love it! I would have to say the Winter Court. I love all the ice and snow, But i love all the Summer court too LOL I think it would be safe to say I would like either 🙂 Yes iam over the age 18 I am 30 something 🙂

  2. Angel Martin says:

    1) I’ve read all the of the series. 2) Court of Snow and Ice because I love the beauty of what winter brings. The feeling of the air in your lungs feels refreshing and love the way it looks when I exhale. 3) Yes I am 18

  3. CynthiaW says:

    I have not read any of this series so far… but they’re on my TBR list
    I hate snow, so I’d totally Join the Court of Rivers and Rushes unless they turn out to be evil.
    I am sooooo over 18.

  4. Karen in TN says:

    1) I haven’t read any of this series (but have the first two in my TBR list, now).

    2) So, given a blind choice of the two courts, I choose the Court of Rivers and Rushes, as any court named after snow and ice aren’t on my fun list.

    3) yes, I’m over 18.

  5. Kelly says:

    1. Yes, I have read the other 4 books of this series.
    2. Court of Snow and Ice (the Winter Fae Court) – I love Cicely and I love beauty of winter.
    3. Yes, I am over 18.

  6. Angel Weller says:

    1. Yes, I’ve read the other books of this series and loved them!
    2.I would join the court of Rivers and Rushes, I was born in the summer. I believe that makes me partial to the warm weather. I love the smell of the sun and outdoors. With it staying light outside longer it gives me more time for long walks and time spent grilling with my family.

    3. Yes, I’m over eighteen.

  7. Kelli aka Dariyah says:

    1. I have read the first 3 books, Night Myst, Night Veil, and Night Seeker. I am about to start on the 4th, Night Vision, now that it has been returned to me. But since so much time has lapsed, I think I’m going to start at the beginning of the series and read through them all before starting on the 4th one! I can’t wait for the 5th, Night’s End to come out, but, I’m also sad that it is ending – this has been such a great series and I have enjoyed it ever so much!!!

    2. I choose the Court of Snow and Ice (the Winter Fae Court). I ordinarily hate the cold and winter, but, I feel so close to the main character, Cicely, that to me, there is no choice. Rhiannon is great and all, don’t get me wrong. I just feel that my place should and would be with Cicely. If she is bound to the land of snow and ice, than I shall too!

    3. Am I over 18? *cough* Uhm… Yes… definitely… uh… let’s not discuss by how much! LOL =)

  8. Sabrina says:

    1. I have not read the series yet but I would love to dive in.
    2. I would join the Court of Snow and Ice because I really like the winter. I love my scarves, boots, and layers.
    3. I am very much over the age of 18.

  9. Joyce says:

    1. I have read and loved all of them, so far.

    2. I would join the Court of River and Rushes because, to be utterly truthful, I’m a big wuss when it comes to the cold which would make me want to stay inside and not venture out into the snow. I love the feeling of the sun’s rays and the warm gentle breezes caressing my skin.

    3. I am over 18

  10. Terry Scott says:

    1, I Have rea them all and am always on the edge of my seat for the next one
    2. Court of River and Rushes because with all my health problems the summer is alway a more pleasant time for me. Although I live in the clold, when my mother passes I plan to leave the cold and head for sunny weather.
    3 I am wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy over 18, I am 60.

  11. Ebony Barnard says:

    1) I have read all 4 books so far and am dying to read the 5th
    2) I would probably join The Court of Rivers and Rushes. I do love Cicely and I feel I relate to her more, but Winter is not my season.
    3) I’m 22 years old and have been reading your books since I was 16 and have turned on few of my friends onto your books.

    • Ebony Barnard says:

      Also, I’ve read all of the Otherworld series, so far. My first book was actually Dragon Wytch

  12. Randee Lynn Weaver says:

    1. I have the previous books on audiobook format–love this series even more than the Otherworld Series which I also have all the audiobooks to date.
    2. I would join the Court of Snow and Ice, mainly I love Cicely–she is the stronger ruler and a kick-ass woman. Also, who wouldn’t love to live in a world of snow and ice–Winter is my favorite season and I like the darker side it seems to bring while still providing beauty.
    3. I am over 18.

  13. Melissa says:

    1) I have read the other books in this series.
    2) Court of Snow and Ice! I really like Cicely’s character, and I prefer the cold.
    3) I am over 18.

    Thank you for having a giveaway!

  14. Ashlee Jones says:

    1. No, I have not read this series as of yet. I am just about finished with the Otherworld series and then I was planning on starting the Indigo Court series next.

    2. I would join the Court of Snow ad Ice because I was born in January, I love the winter months.

    3. 01/30/1972, yeah I’m old enough! lol

  15. Tina Knight says:

    1. Not yet, but it is on my to be read list.

    2. I’d have to join the Court of Rivers and Rushes, especially after all the snow we’ve had this winter.

    3. Yes I am over 18.

  16. Tamara C says:

    1) Yes, I have read the series and the books are sitting on the shelf beside the Otherworld series.

    2) I would join the Court of Snow and Ice for several reasons. I’m Canadian so I’m used to the cold and longer nights. I’m also a night owl and don’t mind the shorter days since I also like to joke I’m a vampire and try to avoid the hot summer sun. The humidity of summer also kills my hair and turns it into a wavy fuzz ball of a mess. I also find ice to be enchanting. There’s something alluring about it yet it’s a powerful foe as well.

    3) I’ll be 33 in May.

  17. Felicia Edwards says:

    Yes I have read all the books in the series and I would prefer to be from the Court of Snow and Ice (The Winer Fae Court) because even though I hate the cold it is the strongest court with the most loyal residents. Also I relate more to Cicely. yes I am over 18. I am way over 18 🙂

  18. Yvonne B says:

    1. None so far, but am interested in doing so.
    2. The Court of Snow and Ice because I am very much a winter person.
    3. Yes, 40.

  19. Jill says:

    1. I have read all of the books so far. I fell in love with the characters and I am going to miss them when this series ends but cannot wait for Flight From Hell to come out. I also have all of the Otherworld books so really looking forward to see what is happening with that series when Priestess Dreaming comes out.

    2. I would probably join the Court of Rivers and Rushes. I am not really a winter person even after living in Alaska for a number of years. When I lived there I could not wait for summer to get there. If I was in this court I would love to be able to go with when the two courts got together just to have the hot chocolate.

    3. Yes, I am over 18.

    Thank you for all that you do for your readers/fans.

    Jill DeBellis

    PS: I also have all the books in your other series that you no longer write. These were the books that got me reading your other series.

  20. Vanessa says:

    Tell me if you’ve read any of this series so far.
    – I have read Night Myst, Night Veil, and Night Seeker. Night Vision got packed with a pile of TBR books by the hubby in the wrong box (ARGH) and is someplace in storage (since August).. I may just have to buy another copy.

    You are given the choice: Join the Court of Rivers and Rushes (the Summer Fae Court), or the Court of Snow and Ice (the Winter Fae Court). Which do you choose and why?
    – Court of Snow and Ice
    It is hard, I love to garden and adore having fresh fruits, vegies, herbs and edible flowers in my yard… but I hate being all hot and sweaty.
    Also, with a greenhouse or in a milder climate (Puget Sound), you can grow quite a bit indoors. Coffee bush, lots of herbs, orchids…
    Additionally, I adore Cicely.
    The characters are maybe more intriguing in the Court of Snow and Ice.
    I think I might fit better.
    I love Fall and Winter. The snow, the smells in the air, warm fires, flickering candles, houses lit up in the dark, hot cider, filling casseroles, simmering soups, yeasty bread smells, cozy blankets, crafty time with spinning and yarns and making candles and soaps… Plus Winter Solstice is the bringing back of the light; I love ChrismaChanaYule (what we celebrate because of multiple belief systems in our family). Big turkey dinners with brussel sprouts and good gravy, ham with glazes put up over the summer, my homemade meat substitutes smothered in herb scented mushroomy goodness, anything in the crockpot making the whole house smell SO good, pickled vegetables leftover from my summer garden have fully developed their flavors, cheeses have ripened, mead is developed, my rumtopf is at the point of ultimate wonderfulness.
    There is something so sensual, all your senses engage… the smells and tastes of Fall and Winter, the feel of a chill in the air, the coziness of blankets snuggled around you, the touch and softness of yarns, the sight of flickering candles, lights and flames of your fire, and oh yeah… all that holiday music! I collect Halloween music, Thanksgiving music, winter holiday music… plus… even if you are snowed in and lose power… there is nothing better than curling up with a book in front of your fire while the family roasts marshmallows (which I make home made for the holidays)… sigh

    You must be 18 or over to enter this contest. Are you 18 or over?

    – Yes, I am over 18.

  21. Lynn says:

    1) I have read the first book of the series and am halfway through the second book. I absolutely love this series. It will be like losing a friend when it’s over.

    2) I choose the Court of Rivers and Rushes. I am definitely not a cold weather person. In astrology, I am what they call triple water, so it would be fitting to be part of this court.

    3) I am over 18.

  22. Jennie says:

    1. I’ve read the first three books of the series, loved them! I have the forth but haven’t read it yet because I’ve decided to wait for the last one and then re-read/read them all in a row, totally immersing myself.

    2. I would join the Court of Snow and Ice, maybe because I’m Canadian. I love winter, think it is starkly beautiful. What I love most is getting really cold, and going inside ( or outside near a roaring bonfire) and warming up. Especially with hot chocolate. I love warm things: blankets, sweaters, tea, coffee, soup, and winter makes me appreciate them so much more. I love the long hours of darkness in winter, the mystery of the night, the danger of a blizzard, the clear skies. I could go on…

    3. I’m in my thirties. Glad I’m over 18 but wish I was a tad younger.

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