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Brain Candy Friday & Giveaway
Posted on Friday, April 4, 2014 at 8 am by



So this week for Brain Candy Friday, I’m asking you,  which one of my books was the first one you ever read? One commenter who is also subscribed to my blog will win a copy of the audio book of SHADED VISION! Winner will be picked on Monday the 7th so answer before then.


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  1. Dariyah says:

    Hi, Yasmine! The first book I read of yours is Night Myst – from the Indigo Court series. It wasn’t quite my typical genre of book to read, but I wanted to try to see things from my friends’ point of view. I’m the light in all their dark so to speak. Plus, I remembered you from a forum I belonged to a long time ago that you were on, I think it was called Mystic Wicks. I saw your books while I was at Half Price Books a few years ago and exclaimed “Hey, I know that author!” and everyone around me looked at me funny! But, I remembered you and I saw the book, Night Myst, and I really liked the cover, and I liked the description on the back of the book. I’ll admit, it took me awhile to get into it, I’m not used to the darker side, but then… I got hooked! I started caring about the characters and what was going to happen with them next! I even got one of my friend’s hooked on the series! We were quite dismayed by having to wait a year for the next one to come out (talk about withdrawal)! I’ve lapsed in the series because I gave Night Vision to my friend who still has not returned it. I will be looking for that one on my trips to the book store, as well as Night’s End as soon as it comes out in July! I think, since it’s been awhile, I need to get acquainted with Cicely and the gang again, so darn, I’m just going to have to read them again from the first book! lol I have really grown to love this series. I’m also keen to try the Otherworld series (now there’s one that will take awhile to get through)! Thank you for being such a wonderful writer! You make the characters and the story come alive. I can still feel the cold and see the scenes from the books. They definitely left an impression! =) I’m looking forward to reading them again, as well as starting the Otherworld series! =)

  2. Tara Ballard says:

    Changeling. Found it on a goodwill shelf and said what the heck. Well of course I then had to scour new and used book stores until I found witchling. Still trying to get the rest. Slowly but surely!

  3. Debra Moore says:

    Embracing the moon

  4. Natasha says:

    “Embracing The Moon” March 2001… followed by “Dancing With The Sun” ~ Litha 2001.

    Following literary works of one’s career within the launching
    “Ghost of A Chance” ~ Litha 2004..

    Chintz and China series; Berkeley Prime Crime series; Indigo Court series; Anthologies; Otherworld series

    One shall be enthralled within the Otherworld series.

    Intricate detail of attire, inclement weather, and facial expressions masked within the pages, spring forth alive within vibrant detail…emotions.

    Nearing completion of one’s work “Autumn Whispers” … reading of” Crimson Veil” shall commence within the upcoming week end.

    Blessed Be for sharing one’s craft within written tome for enjoyment to all

    Walk In Light ~ Natasha ☆*´¨`☽ ☯    ¸.★*´☯☽
    (  ☆* ☯ ´  *´
    `★.¸¸¸. •°´

  5. I read witching first. I wanted to read something new and I came across this book and it had such an amazing cover. I read the back and loved the simple description. I didn’t realize until after I read the book two times that it was part of a series and it was the forth one. So I had to but the first the because I wanted to know what happened.

  6. Ilona Frost says:

    I somehow actually got started with Witchling. I was so fascinated with it I looked Yasmine up, got a list of her books, and so far have all of them! I find each and every one fascinating and the characters so interesting and intriguing. I admit, though, that I am hooked on those hunky guys – especially Smoky!

  7. Omni Rogers-Mueller says:

    Well the first book I ever read, was Darkling, because it’s the one that hit me on the head in the library. Didn’t realize till a few days later that there were two other books prior to that one. Felt like an oaf, and when I returned the book, found Witchling and Changling. The reast is well history.

  8. julie says:


  9. Tom says:

    Blood Wyne. It was on the new books shelf at the library and the cover drew me in. After reading the back, I took it home and read it in two days. After that I read the rest in order. Now I wait for the new ones to come out

    Only the In Death series has moved me like this. Two incredible series

  10. Vanessa says:

    I want to say Ghost of a Chance…. but then I remembered buying Dancing with the Sun many years ago when Sweet Spirit Candles was still in Renton… So 2 firsts.

  11. Amie Stockton says:

    Night Myst was the first book of yours I read.

  12. Eva Millien says:

    I read the first book in the Otherworld series first and I have been hooked on their sisters and loves and their friends ever since. Thanks for sharing!

  13. So, the first book I read of yours was Night Myst. I *love* Grieve. ^_^; I am also subscribed to your blog.

  14. Jonquil says:

    Ghost of a Chance. After reading One Hex of a Wedding, I came across Witchling.

  15. Night Myst was my first and, of course, after working my way through all available in the Indigo Court, I hit your website, seeking more. When I leaned you also wrote the Otherworld Series, I started on the first and worked my way forward! =)

  16. Camillie says:

    Blood Wyne, I was really into vampires at the time and I had no idea it was a series when I did I read them all. Took me two years to finally read all the others coz I would read the most recent ones first. I loved Blood Wyne though and it didn’t make me feel all that lost believe it or not.

  17. jamie says:

    Blood wyne..so I read it and loved it so much that ibinged for a whole month on every factional book you wrote! Your my favorite author! Please keep writing I’d feel lost without the worlds you have created for our minds and fanasties so perfectly!

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