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For Bookstore Owners, Events Coordinators, & Interviewers, or if you are interested in ARCs of Yasmine's books:


To contact Yasmine about a signing or event, or if you want ARCs or review copies please send a request to her publicist. She will determine who gets ARCS.

Berkley Publishing
R. Ryanne Probst
375 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014
Email: rprobst AT penguinrandomhouse DOT com

Please Read Before Emailing:

1. Will You Read My Work if I Send It To You? No.
2. Will You Recommend Me To Your Agent? No.
3. Endorsement Requests Please Read This First:  For endorsements of books, please follow this procedure: All requests for cover quotes must be submitted through Yasmine's editor/publisher and they MUST be submitted snail mail.

Kate Seaver, Senior Editor
Berkley Publishing
375 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014

No phone calls or email please, and allow plenty of time for a decision.  Be aware: Yasmine is on a very tight schedule and is not agreeing to any requests at this point, until after December 2016.

4. Hate Mail/Angry Mail: Don't bother.
5. Requests for Magical and/or Writing Advice :
6. Mail may not be answered immediately. If you write to Yasmine via snail mail, enclose a stamped, self addressed envelope. 

7. Will you sign my books if I mail them to you?  No.
8. Do you have bookmarks, bookplates, etc.? For now, only at book signings.


Be aware: Yasmine loves to hear from her readers, but her assistants review and answer most of her email. If you have a question PLEASE CHECK THE FAQs below the contact form before emailing us.

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About Yasmine
How long have you been writing?
The spark came when I was three (~smiles~ I've told this story a hundred times, I think).  I was learning to read and one day--and I remember this particular incident--I was holding one of the books I loved and something clicked.  Maybe someone said something or maybe I just put two and two together but I suddenly "got" that people make books, they don't just appear out of thin air.  People actually made books... and right then, I knew I was going to grow up and make books.  And I never lost sight of that goal
When are you coming to (insert town here) for a signing?
I can't travel extensively, and I don't get my touring paid for by my publisher-- so chances are, I won't be doing many signings around the country. I hope to hit the east coast in the next couple of years, and I try to make it to at least one major convention a year, usually the Romantic Times convention.
Will you take me on as a magical student?
No, I do not teach magic/witchcraft anymore--not even in workshops.
How many tattoos do you have? Did they hurt?
A lot--I've lost count and they blend into each other.  And yes, some of them hurt.  A lot. ~smiles~
About The Books
Do you sign books through the mail?
No.  You can either get a signed copy from Seattle Mystery Bookshop.  
What about fan fiction?
Can I reprint your work on my site/email newsletter/etc.?
No.  See information on copyright infringement.
Why did (book) go out of print?
If the book does not sell fast enough, or well enough, it will often be taken out of print.  That's new book sales--not used, not half-price.  It's a business and the publisher doesn't have room to keep a lot of books that aren't selling so the ones that don't sell are either remaindered--which gives the author very few royalties, if any--or they are pulped (that's destroyed).
Where can I get an out of print book?
Used book stores.  Check it out of the library. That's about all I can think of.
Where can I get a signed book?
Seattle Mystery Bookshop or one of my book signings.
Any plans for movies or TV?
Nope, not at this time (that's usually never up to the author to start with.  Somebody has to offer to buy an option first).
How can I get an advance copy (an ARC)?
Become a legitimate book reviewer or book seller and request an arc from my publicist. They make the final decision. :)
Do you have any say in the cover art?
Not really--most authors don't.  I lucked out with Tony Mauro--the cover artist for my Otherworld Series, Indigo Court Series, Fly By Night Series,and my Whisper Hollow Series.  He captures the characters like they are in my mind.  I'm very grateful to the cover art gods who instigated him being signed to do my covers.
Why are you now writing pornography?
I write hot sex scenes. If you consider them porn, I won't be able to change your mind. To me, they aren't. 
Are your books out in hardback?
Not at this time.  That's not my decision to make--it's up to the publisher when to go hardback.
Are your books out in e-book format?
At this time most of my books are available in several e-book formats.  They are NOT generally available free--if you find free downloads please respect my rights as an author and do not download them.
Are your books out in audio book format?
Yes, the Otherworld Series is, and three of the Indigo Court series are at this time.
Can I read your books for free on line anywhere?
No--if you find them offered on line for free, they are being pirated and I'm being ripped off.  Please notify me if you find them offered for free download on any piracy sites so I can inform my publisher.
About Specific Books
Why did you stop writing the Chintz 'n China Series & the India Ink Series?
Because I was ready to stop--I love what I did, but I wrote all the novels I wanted to on them. I may write some short stories in the CC series as time goes on. 
Why did you stop writing magical nonfiction?
I got burnt out big-time, said about all I had to say on the subject, and I always wanted to write fantasy & SF, long, long before I ever even thought of trying nonfiction.
Will there be any more Indigo Court novels?
I may write a few short stories in the world, but the series is done as far as books go.
Were there any more CDs to go with Tarot Journeys?
No.  Only the one.  And no, I do not have extra copies.
Where can I get a copy of Legend of the Jade Dragon?
Legend of the Jade Dragon is back in print and you can find copies at the store--all of the Chintz 'n China Mysteries have new covers.
About Writing
Do you have any advice on writing?
I've given a lot of advice in my forums.  You can find some on my blog.
Can you give me a referral to your agent?
No, I'm sorry, I seldom do that and I always tell her if I've referred someone.
Will you blurb/endorse my book for me?
All requests must go through my editor.  The information for that procedure is on my contact page.
Will you read my (manuscript, poetry, story) and critique it?
Due to both legal and time considerations, I cannot read or critique unpublished work, so no.